Pragmatic Live Baccarat

Pragmatic Live Baccarat


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Pragmatic Play's Baccarat Live Offering

In this review we’re going to take a look at Pragmatic Play’s live baccarat games, offered on a number of different tables. Pragmatic has done an amazing job taking this old classic and adding a few things to make things interesting, and in this review we are not only going to take a look at their offering for classic Baccarat, but we will also look at some of the main variations they have.

The core rules are mostly the same in a multitude of these baccarat variations, but some of the differences in rules can mark the difference between a winning or a losing bet.

Pragmatic Play offers each game variation on a number of tables - so if one isn’t doing it for you, you can try the same game with a different dealer, a different table and different players. For example, the table Baccarat 6 will offer the same game as Baccarat 1 - they’re just different tables.

Keep reading this review to find out more about Pragmatic Live’s Baccarat offering, payout and odds.


What is the RTP for Pragmatic Play’s Baccarat?

Can I bet on both the Banker and the Player in Baccarat?

Pragmatic Live Baccarat

Pragmatic Live Baccarat

Pragmatic Live Baccarat Game Facts

Evolution released Pragmatic Live Baccarat in January 2019
  • Provider
  • Max win
    1 000x
  • Min bet
    1.00 USDT
  • Max bet
    10,000.00 USDT
  • Live Casino
    Live Casino
  • Table Game
    Table Game

Bonus at BC.GAME

Up to 360% matched on first 4 deposits
Bonus can be triggered by most cryptocurrencies. It is a playthrough bonus: For every 500 USDT wagered 1 BCD will unlock (wager free). BCD is BC.GAME's own stable coin (pegged to USDT).

How to play Pragmatic Play Baccarat in crypto casinos

Crypto casinos that offer Pragmatic Play live games will offer some format of Baccarat. If you're new and want to know the ins and outs of this beloved game, check out our guide on how to play Baccarat where you can find info on scoring, strategies and info on different game variations. Regardless of the game's variety, the screen layout will be quite similar, so opening any of Pragmatic’s baccarat games will show you the following elements:

  • The dealer
  • The game table with the cards
  • The betting panel in the lower center of your screen, where you have the different bet options
  • The chips tray, where you choose your betting amount
  • The Baccarat Roadmaps on the lower left and right of the screen, where the latest results are displayed in different formats

Main and Side Bets in Pragmatic’s Baccarat

Pragmatic Live’s Baccarat tables follow the typical rules of baccarat. Your main goal is to predict which side will score closer to a 9. You can choose to bet on the Player, on the Banker, or Tie, if you think that the points total will be the same for both hands. Each betting field is traditionally color coded as follows: The Player’s betting field is blue, the Banker’s betting field is red and Tie is marked by green.

Winning bets on the Player are paid at 1:1 and on the Banker at 0.95:1. In the event of a Tie, the payout is 8:1 and bets on Player and Banker are not considered a loss, they are pushed. An important thing to note here is that you’re not allowed to bet on both the Banker and the Player.

As for Side Bets, Pragmatic Live has gone all out with different betting options to keep things fresh. Side bet options on their classic baccarat tables are the following:

Player Pair or Banker Pair: whether it’s a perfect pair, a colored pair or a mixed pair, a winning Player Pair or Banker Pair bet is paid at 11:1. The RTP for both of these is 89.4%.

  • Either pair: this kind of bet wins if the first two cards of either the Player’s or the Banker’s hand form a pair in value or letter. It is paid at 5:1and the RTP is 86.29%.
  • Perfect pair: in order for this type of bet to win, the first two cards of either the Player’s or the Banker’s hand have to form a perfect pair, i.e. they must be of the same value and suit. A winning bet of this type is paid out at 25:1 and the RTP is at 86.97%.
  • Player Bonus or Banker Bonus: Bonus bets win on a natural 8 or 9 by 4 or more points. The RTP is different for each side, sitting at around 97.35% for the Player Bonus and at 90.63% for the Banker Bonus. The payout varies depending on how many points difference exists between the two hands. The table below will clarify.
Outcome Payout
Wins with a non-natural hand by 9 points 30:1
Wins with a non-natural hand by 8 points 10:1
Wins with a non-natural hand by 7 points 6:1
Wins with a non-natural hand by 6 points 4:1
Wins with a non-natural hand by 5 points 2:1
Wins with a non-natural hand by 4 points 1:1
Natural Win 1:1
Natural Tie PUSH

Take some time to familiarize yourself with these elements, especially if this is the first time you are playing a baccarat game by Pragmatic Play. When you feel you’re comfortable with the interface, you’re ready to start playing! To do so, just choose your bet amount from the chip tray and then click on your bet of choice - Player, Banker or Tie.

Keep an eye out for the Game Information Indicator that shows up in the middle of the screen between rounds to give you information about the game’s status and prompt you to place your bets when it’s the right time.

Baccarat Lobby

Pragmatic Play Lobby

Pragmatic Play’s Baccarat Lobby is a great feature which aggregates all of their Baccarat games in one place. A secondary lobby that can be found inside a crypto casino’s live game lobby, it gathers all of the Baccarat games by Pragmatic Play in a single screen without having to use filters. Simple, but effective.

Crypto Casinos with Pragmatic Live Baccarat

All crypto casino sites

Baccarat Variations by Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic has gone all out to give new spins and twists to this classic popular game. It has always been a staple of both land-based and online crypto casinos, but now more than ever people can enjoy it in many different ways. Let’s take a look at some of the variations that can enhance your baccarat gaming experience:

Baccarat Multiplay

In this mode you can bet on multiple baccarat tables without having to switch between windows - all through the menu of the game you’re in currently. Clicking the multiplay button, found at the bottom of your screen, on the right side of the chip tray, will pop open a window with two tabs. The All Tables tab shows all available tables where you can see trends and patterns, as well as place bets. In the same popup window, the Good Roads tab will sort all tables according to predefined winning streak patterns. You can sort the tables here at your own convenience. The RTP is the same as regular Baccarat.

No Commission Baccarat

In this version of Baccarat, if the Banker wins, 5% commission is not taken. This decreases the house edge, making the game more appealing. Any winning bets here are paid at 1:1, with the exception of the Banker winning with a total of 6 points. In that case, the payout is 0.5:1 - i.e. half of your initial bet. You can enable this option using the No Comm. toggle which is found at the bottom of your screen, on the left side of the chip tray.

For No Commission Baccarat, the optimal RTP is 98.76%, based on an optimal strategy with Player bets. Regular RTP is as follows for the Main Bets:

Bet Type Return to Player
Player 98.76%
Banker 98.54%
Tie 85.64%

Speed Baccarat

In Speed Baccarat, the same rules apply as with regular Live Baccarat. The major difference is - you guessed it - the speed at which the game rolls. Speed Baccarat is for those players who like to be in the action all the time, as it is 60% faster than regular Live Baccarat. It’s a nice option that provides more excitement to the experience and raises the stakes, as you have less time to process and think about your betting. It’s important to note that the RTP remains unchanged.Speed Baccarat can be found in crypto casinos that offer Pragmatic Play live games.

Fortune 6 Baccarat

Fortune 6 Baccarat works like regular Baccarat, but it also offers a variety of interesting side bets that focus around - you guessed it - the number 6. The Fortune 6 Side Bet is pretty straightforward - you win if the first card dealt is a 6, and any additional sixes dealt increase winnings. The RTP for this type of bet is 96.26% and the payout is:

  • First x 6 - 3:1
  • First two x 6 - 30:1
  • Three x 6 - 120:1

In the Player 6 and Banker 6 Side Bet, you win if the hand you bet on wins with a total of 6. If, however, the other hand wins with a natural, then your bet is pushed - not a loss. For Player wins, the payout is 14:1 and the RTP is 95.62%, whereas for Banker winning bets these sit at 16:1 and 93.36% respectively.

In the Player Fortune Pair and the Banker Fortune Pair side bets, you get a win simply for getting the same suit on the cards drawn, paying out at 1:1. If you get a numbered pair, the payout is 5:1 and if you get a Suited pair it’s 9:1. The RTP is set to 97.83%.

Super 8 Baccarat

After the success of Fortune 6 Baccarat, Pragmatic came up with another set of unique side bets in Super 8 Baccarat. Let’s take a look at the three side bets in Super 8 Baccarat:

In the Super 8 side bet, you win on a natural 8 with different payouts depending on where the 8 occurs. If the Player or Banker wins with a Natural 8, the payout is 4:1. If the game ends with a Natural 8 Tie, the payout is 6:1 and for a loss on a Natural 8, the payout is 6:1 both for Banker and Player. The RTP in Super 8 side bet is 95.45%.

Next we have the Player and Banker Super Pairs. Only the first two cards dealt matter in these bets, and you get a win if you get a pair. For a Pair of Diamond 4s the odds are 40:1 and for other pairs of 4s odds are 20:1. For Diamond pairs, apart from the Pair of Diamond 4s mentioned above, the odds are 30:1 and for the rest of the pairs the payout is 10:1. The RTP for Player/Banker Super Pair side bet is 96.35%.

Finally we have the Red/Black Side Bet for the Banker or the Player. These pay when you get the same color and/or suit in either the first 2 or all 3 cards of the hand, paying out 2:1 for 2 cards colored and 4:1 for 3 cards colored. Winnings increase when you get a 3-card flush, giving a 12:1 payout on the Banker Red/Black side bet, whereas for the Player Red/Black side bet the 3-card flush payout is 10:1. Overall, the RTP is 96.25% for the Banker Red/Black side bet and 96.54% for the Player Red/Black side bet.

Mega Baccarat

Mega Baccarat is in our opinion the most interesting variation of the classic game, as it introduces the Mega Round mechanic. Here is how it works: When bets are placed, a 20% mega fee is charged for each bet. This amount is not included in the min-max bet restrictions.

  • When all betting is done, two dice are rolled. If the result of the roll is 8 or 9, the Mega Round is activated, with random multipliers ranging from x2 to x100 applied onto all the bet positions. If the dice roll anything apart from an 8 or 9, then a regular round of Baccarat takes place.
  • After any multipliers are applied, the dealer deals a hand and the results are determined as in normal Baccarat.

In Mega Baccarat the main bets are the same as in classic Baccarat - Player win, Banker win or Tie. The difference is that the payout is 1-100:1 for Player and Banker and 8-800:1 for Tie bets, because of the Mega Round’s multipliers. This sets the theoretical RTP at 98.79% for Player bets, 98.54% for Banker bets and 95% for Tie bets. An important thing to note here is the house commission, meaning that if you’re betting on the Banker, you’re only going to get back 95% of your initial bet amount if you win. The other 0.05 is claimed by the house. For example, if you bet 100 and win without any multipliers, you will get back 195 instead of the full 200.

There are also two side bet options in Mega Baccarat, Player Pair and Banker Pair. These bets win if there is a pair of any type (perfect pair, color pair or value pair) on the side you bet on. A win pays at 10-1000:1 on either side and you can bet on both sides, if you so choose.

Privé Lounge Baccarat

With this version of the game, Pragmatic aims to give players a sense of luxury and exclusivity. In Privé Lounge Baccarat players can join a table on their own, without other players. This enhances their experience by making gameplay faster - not having to wait for others to place bets - and by allowing them to control the game more immediately, as they can ask to shuffle the cards, they can prompt the dealer to give a new hand and they can even ask for a new dealer.

Pragmatic Play Baccarat Variation RTP

With so many differences, each of these bet types has a different RTP. The table below breaks down what you can expect from Pragmatic Play's Baccarat variations, including side bets.

Bet Type Return to Player
Super 6 side bet 86.18%
Player Pair 89.64%
Banker Pair 89.64%
Either Pair 86.29%
Perfect Pair 86.97%
Player Bonus 97.35%
Banker Bonus 90.63%


Baccarat’s long history and lasting popularity speak for themselves: easy-to-follow rules with enough depth and complexity to keep you entertained for hours on end. Pragmatic Play has done a great job taking this classic game and elevating it to new heights with interesting twists and betting options. Combining the traditional and more unconventional gameplays with impeccable camera and studio quality, as well as having well-presented and experienced hosts, Pragmatic Play has really created a wonderful Baccarat gaming experience for gamblers of all tastes and pockets.

We highly recommend giving these live casino games a try - they’re sure to provide you and your crypto with hours of entertainment.

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