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In games of chance, people have always been notoriously apprehensive about their fellow gamers, suspecting tricks like fudging dice rolls or hiding aces up sleeves, to mention a couple. To ensure fairness, making sure that “the tools of the trade” are untampered with (e.g. marked card decks, weighted dice) was vital back in the day, and it continues to be so today.

Many of the games found on online crypto casinos will proudly display the fact that they are Provably Fair. We’ve mentioned this term a few times here on and now we feel it’s time for a closer look. What does it mean to be provably fair? Why is it important and how does it work? Read on for more on this.

Provably fair: one step further

A provably fair game enables the player to verify the outcome of a game independently. In other words, when users play a provably fair game, they are given the opportunity to check that the casino has not manipulated the result of the game, helping build trust between online casinos and players.

Transparency and fairness are a major concern for gamblers, particularly in online casinos. The internet gives us access to so much across the world, from content to services and entertainment. Although this is an amazing thing, we need to be careful, especially when it comes to money and gambling. It’s extremely important to take extra steps of caution, as things can become really obscure when gambling online. For example, perhaps the casino is headquartered in a country all the way across the world, with little to no regulation. Stuff like this leaves users vulnerable to scams and unfair gambling and prompts questions such as are the Random Number Generators (RNGs) truly random?

To put the minds of players at ease, the concept of provably fair games is being implemented in the spirit of transparency. It allows users to verify beyond the shadow of a doubt that their gambling has not been modified to benefit the casino in a surreptitious manner.

Another green flag for transparency in casinos is a prominent display of the house edge - the statistical advantage of casinos over players, which is put in place to increase the casino’s chances for profitability in the long run. Most online crypto casinos that boast provably fair status will often display the house edge in a prominent position, ensuring that you know what you’re getting into with each game you play.

You can search our casino list for provably fair options, to ensure that you are gaming safely and with peace of mind.

Casino Provably Fair Offering
Stake Stake offers a suit of 15+ in-house built provably fair games, that can be found under the tab "Stake Originals"
Bitsler Under the tab "Bitsler Games", you can find up to 20 original provably fair games
BC.Game There are more than 50 provably fair exclusive games that can be found at this casino, under "BC Originals" A more modest offering at just 6 provably fair games, to be found under "In-House", but worth checking out nonetheless

Significance of provably fair games

Provably fair games were a revolutionary concept in the world of online gambling when they first came about. Given the removed nature of online gambling that was mentioned above, people naturally question the validity of game outcomes, especially in games that are based mostly or entirely on chance, and particularly if they’re on a losing streak. The idea of provably fair empowers the player with a sense of security that the outcomes have not been manipulated in any way by an online casino looking to make profit in dishonest ways.

Why is it important to choose provably fair games?

Choosing provably fair games and casinos ensures that you know what you’re getting into. You may lose your money, but at least the terms under which you are playing are clearly set out before you, without any malicious intervention from outside factors. If you want to be sure that the game you are playing is provably fair, you can easily find our suggestions for the best ones out there by navigating to our games list and using the provably fair filter.

Under the hood…

Provably fair games make use of blockchain technology and cryptographic algorithms in a simple yet sophisticated way that guarantees to the player that they can verify themselves that the outcome of the game was not messed with in any way. This is achieved in many different ways, so let’s take a look at the core principles that define provably fair games.

  1. When you start a provably fair game, the casino creates what is known as a “(server) seed”, or a “secret” - a unique code for each game round. The server seed is then encrypted using cryptographic algorithms that generate hashes (alphanumeric strings of fixed length), making the seed completely unique and secure.
  2. You are then given a client seed, a string of letters and numbers that is usually automatically generated for you when you start playing. Some provably fair games allow you to edit or create your own client seed, which ensures completely that the casino does not know your seed in advance. The client seed is then also encrypted, just like the casino seed.
  3. Using a process called hashing, the two seeds are combined with other information in order to produce a final result - a random number generation process that will dictate the game's outcome.

Somewhere around here is where your game happens - you see the reels turn, the dice roll or the cards unfold, and you find out whether you have won or lost.

Note that the result was already decided in step 3, during the hashing process!

  1. After the game, the player gets access to the random number generated, as well as the server seed.
  2. To verify that the game's result was not manipulated in any way, the player can use the two seeds created in order to try and recreate the outcome. If the random number generated is the same, then you know that your game is fair.

Testing fairness for yourself

Now that we know a bit more about how everything works, let’s take a closer look at how you, as a player, can verify that your game is fair.

There are two ways to do this, so you can choose the method that works best for you. This will depend on the game you are playing, the provider and the casino itself.

1. Native verification tools

Some casinos offer built-in tools that you can use to verify your game’s fairness, especially if we’re talking about exclusive games. These may include slots, but these tools are mostly found in branded minigames (e.g. plinko, crash games, mines and simple dice games).

As the word built-in implies, you can do the verification on the spot. Let’s use Bitsler as an example to see how this can be done. They offer two ways to use their built-in provably fair tools.

Let’s say you’re playing Bitsler’s own Plinko game and you want to check that the last round’s outcome truly is fair and random. You can access the verifier straight from the game’s interface, where at the top, you can see the results of all the rounds you’ve played so far, marked in red.

Provably fair: Image 1

Step 1

Note: At this point you may be prompted to reveal your server seed. You can do this by going to the linked Provably Fair Settings and clicking Use new seeds. After you do so, the “unhashed” version of the server seed will be revealed. Without copying anything, you can navigate back to the screen shown above. Navigate to Provably Fair, and all the needed information will be displayed automatically, as shown below. Then click the Provably fair verifier button at the bottom.

Provably fair: Image 2

Step 2

The Provably fair verifier button will then bring up a new popup to the site’s built-in verifier, that checks whether the two values match. If they do, the game’s outcome is proven to be untampered with.

Provably fair: Image 3

Step 3

More built-in options It’s good to note that Bitsler also offers you the option to check a game’s result through the verifier. This is a more roundabout way to achieve the same result, but for some it may feel slightly more secure.

To do so, you can go directly to the Verifier, choose the game and then fill in the info requested:

  1. The hashed server seed
  2. The revealed server seed (which, as mentioned in the note above, only appears after you change your seeds)
  3. The client seed
  4. The last/specific nonce (this can be found in the same field as the client seed, divided with a comma - see Step 2)

Provably fair: Image 4

Step 4

You can find all of this information inside the bet you want to check out, as can be seen in Step 2.

Once all the info is in place, you will get an automatic result.

2. Third party verification tools

For those casinos that don’t offer built-in verification, or if you want to be sure you’re getting objective results from an independent source, you can use third party verification tools. There are many services out there that you can use, just make sure you do some research to figure out the best ones. A quick search online will help you with many resources and user reviews.

It’s fair - and it’s proven

The provably fair concept has revolutionized online crypto gambling and promoted trust between casinos and players around the world.

In today’s world, transparency is more important and accessible than ever, and we here at are excited to see how the future unfolds and what new technological advancements will bring to the world of online crypto casinos.

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