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Bitcoin support at crypto casinos are of course a given. Finding a casino that accepts BTC is not the question, what is important is finding the best bitcoin casino. The list below is created to that purpose.

Best Bitcoin Casinos

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What a Bitcoin Casino is

A bitcoin casino is an online casino that accepts bitcoin (BTC) as a deposit and withdrawal method. The best bitcoin casinos even offer play denominated in BTC (or mBTC).

Since hash functions are closely related to randomness and unpredictability, it didn’t take long before gambling games were built around the hashes generated by the bitcoin protocol. This is not the focus for this page. Here we focus on bitcoin casinos, and especially on how to identify the best ones.

The basics are straightforward:

  1. No fees on bitcoin deposits and withdrawals
  2. Low deposit requirements and no limits on withdrawals
  3. As many casino games as possible denominated in BTC

It is important to be aware that many of the best bitcoin casinos will require you to pass a KYC procedure. In general, this happens when you request a withdrawal, especially on big amounts, so do not expect anonymity.

That being said, there are bitcoin casinos that do not require KYC, and you can filter on this and many other features from the filter button (top-right in the main bitcoin casino list above).

What is a bitcoin casino?

Are bitcoin casinos safe?

Which is the best bitcoin casino?

What is the minimum BTC I can deposit to a bitcoin casino?

What is the maximum BTC I can deposit to a bitcoin casino?

How long does it take for a BTC casino deposit to arrive?

How long does a BTC casino withdrawal take?

What casino games can I play with BTC?

Can I play live casino with bitcoin?

How to find the best BTC casino site

The way we have constructed this BTC casino guide makes it possible to use the same evaluation criteria as for traditional online casinos. Our featured bitcoin casinos are meticulously categorized and connected to several measurable data points. Our platform then makes it easy for you to compare bitcoin casinos on the features you want.

Let us demonstrate with three examples.

  1. Say you prefer to load up two slots at the same time and play simultaneously to faster grind your way to the game’s bonus round. Then you should look into bitcoin casinos that offer Split screen support.
  2. Say you want access to as many games as possible. Sort the BTC casinos on "Games".
  3. Maybe you are a big fan of two particular game providers and want access to both from the same bitcoin casino site. Easy: simply tick their names in our filter view and BOOM.

New Bitcoin Casinos 2024

With the upcoming Bitcoin halving in 2024, we can expect plenty of new bitcoin casinos both leading up to the event and after (given of course that we see positive price action). These new BTC casino sites will have to put in a lot of extra effort to stand out and we here at CryptoGambling will do our best to narrow down the very best and present them right after this sentence:

Top 5 Best New Bitcoin Casinos

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Making smarter game choices at Bitcoin Casinos

Many casino games, or online crypto slots we should say, come in several RTP certifications, and it is up to the casino to decide which to use. RTP stands for Return to Player and in the long run, playing slots with an RTP of 88% vs 96% will make a big difference.

Fortunately for us bitcoin casino enthusiasts, we very rarely need to worry about the bitcoin casino operator using a game version with a lower RTP. However, to be on the safe side, there are several platform functions to look out for. When we review BTC casinos we tag and categorize them carefully, and the same goes for game reviews.

The most important of these bitcoin casino lobby-related tags will be if the RTP information is presented in the lobby, but metadata like volatility and reel setup are also very valuable to quickly get a feel for what type of game we are dealing with. Advanced search is good to have but its absense shouldn’t be a deal breaker. Live game stats are fun but can be a little skewed when based on a small number of game rounds.

Playing Casino Games with BTC

Bitcoin is first and foremost a deposit and withdrawal method at crypto casinos. Seen as a store of value this makes sense, and other blockchain protocols are better suited for on-chain casino games.

A good bitcoin casino will still denominate your account in BTC, and the number of casino software providers that support BTC denominated play is increasing, but there are still gaps. Some very well known game providers that do not support BTC play are: Big Time Gaming, Hacksaw, NetEnt, Playtech, Push Gaming, Quickspin, Red Tiger, Relax Gaming, and Yggdrasil Gaming.

This does not completely bar us from accessing these games. Seamless solutions allow us to play in a fiat denomination of choice. It is unlikely that there is any exchange into fiat done on-the-fly, it should probably be seen more as a temporary credit, based on our account holdings. When we close the game, our account will be adjusted accordingly.

It is hard to tell if we are being short-changed here, but from experience the exchange rates from these procedures appear honest - but we would not be surprised if even reputable bitcoin casinos skim a couple of sats in this process. To be on the safe side, avoid these game providers. It also sends a signal to them to get their act together and implement support for BTC.

Bitcoin Casino Deposits

Depositing BTC to a bitcoin casino works as any other transfer on the bitcoin network. First you need to retrieve a BTC deposit address from the casino. If you did not choose BTC as your main currency when you created your account, you might have to add it. But the steps will be similar:

  1. Click wallet/deposit
  2. Find Bitcoin (BTC) from a list of supported networks
  3. Copy the deposit address or scan the QR code with your phone

Next you need to initiate the transfer from your wallet of choice, or straight from a CEX, to the above address. The exact steps will depend on what you are using but since we are talking about a simple transaction it should be easy.

Minimum BTC deposits to casinos

Almost every bitcoin casino has its minimum accepted BTC limit at 0.0001 (10,000 sats). Some state it in Milibits (mBTC). Have a look at the conversion table below if you are unsure of the conversions of Sats to mBTC and BTC. To avoid getting eaten by transfer fees in the long run, our list of BTC Lightning casinos can be of interest.

Sats μBTC mBTC Bitcoin (BTC)
1 0.01 0.00001 0.00000001
10 0.1 0.0001 0.0000001
100 1 0.001 0.000001
1,000 10 0.01 0.00001
10,000 100 0.1 0.0001
100,000 1,000 1 0.001
1,000,000 10,000 10 0.01
10,000,000 100,000 100 0.1
100,000,000 1,000,000 1,000 1

Maximum BTC deposits to casinos

Very few bitcoin casinos limit the maximum amount of BTC you can deposit, but be careful so you do not accidentally send too much. All licensed BTC casinos have a policy restricting what is known as Coin Mixing. This means that you are not allowed to make a withdrawal before you have wagered an amount at least equal to your deposit. The reason is that it could be used to obfuscate origins, similarly to how coin tumblers work.

Additionally, it is inadvisable to store big amounts with a casino, for the same reason you shouldn’t keep your BTC on an exchange: Not your keys, not your crypto. Make a budget for your gambling and stick to it.

Reduced transfer times to bitcoin casinos

For a “regular” transfer on the bitcoin network to be carried out, it needs confirmation from six miners before it is processed. However, most bitcoin casinos will settle for 1-2 confirmations which basically cuts transfer times down from one hour to 10-20 minutes.

In practical terms, this means that the casino will assume some risk and credit your casino account before the transaction is final. Their rationale here is of course that they want you the get started as fast as possible.

Bitcoin Casino Withdrawals

Withdrawals cannot be sped up in the same way as deposits. Here we need to wait for all six confirmations, and subsequently a transfer from the bitcoin casino to your wallet will take between 40 mins to 1.5 hours depending on network load and miner fee.

  • Typical minimum withdrawal requirements: 0.001-0.005 BTC
  • Typical miner/withdrawal fees: 0.00025 BTC

In some cases we are the ones paying the miner fee, and it is usually inflated to cover any fluctuations. We try to flag casinos with high BTC fees in our reviews.

Withdrawing to exchanges?

There should not be any problem withdrawing straight to your bitcoin address on an exchange, but we advise against it.

If the exchange decides to check if we own the depositing address (control the private key), there is no way for us to do so – not without the good grace of the casino. This is an unlikely scenario, but withdrawing to a wallet that you are in control of is preferred.

Prepare to get KYC’d

For BTC withdrawals the process is more convoluted than for deposits. Even though many bitcoin casinos try to mimic the look and feel of a self-custodial wallet transfer, the withdraw button does not always initiate a transfer on-chain. At the best bitcoin casinos the experience is close to it, and withdrawals are automatic, but at many the withdraw button just initiates a request that must be manually approved by the casino. Not to mention that the approval can take anything from 5 minutes to 5 hours or more...

Usually this is where you will get KYC’d. Note that this is common practice and not necessarily with ill intentions, but unscrupulous actors will take the opportunity to make this KYC process anything but easy; scans are not clear enough, that type of utility bill is not valid, etcetera, etcetera. They stall the process in the hopes that you will cancel the withdrawal request and get back to gambling.

We do our best to weed out brands that act in the above way, but let us know if you experience this at any of our recommended bitcoin casinos and we will be sure to remove them from our lists. You may find our contact info at the bottom of this page.

In the best of worlds there would be no KYC requirement at any bitcoin casinos, but due to gambling’s natural propensity to attract money launderers, this is hard to avoid. If we want to play the best casino games, we must play at licensed bitcoin casinos, and to acquire and keep a license the casino is required to know their customers. Make a habit out of completing KYC earlier than when you request a withdrawal. The process will usually tell you a lot abour the casino.

Top 5 No KYC Bitcoin Casinos

+18 - Terms & conditions apply - Gamble responsibly

Bitcoin VIP Casinos & Loyalty Rewards

Rewards and loyalty programs are a big thing in the bitcoin casino world, but it is important to remember why loyalty rewards and VIP systems are in place: to make us play more.

To get rewarded will always be better than to not be. But it is crucial to avoid overplaying just to reach that next reward or level. This is easier said than done, but just like you do not want to be chasing losses, you do not want to be chasing rewards. The big wins are found in the casino games, no one will get rich off loyalty rewards.

With those cautionary words, let us go through what to look for in a good bitcoin casino VIP system.

  • Bitcoin rewards (with low or no wagering requirement)
  • Better exchange rates for comp points/tokens
  • Increased cashback and rakeback rates
  • Bonuses with lower wagering requirements

Overrated VIP Perks

Many VIP perks are features that you should demand of your bitcoin casino, not having to earn through excessive play. For example:

  • Faster withdrawals. Why are withdrawals slow to begin with?
  • Higher bet limits. Why put a cap in the first place?

Dedicated VIP managers should also be mentioned. These types will shower you with all kinds of gifts. Travel packages and funds straight into your account are not uncommon. This is not all bad but they can also be very persistent and annoying. They likely do not have your wellbeing in mind, and are especially dangerous for players with unhealthy gambling habits.

Best bitcoin casino for high rollers

If you have a big bankroll, bitcoin casinos will gladly take your business, and some might even fast track you into their VIP programs.

Once you decide to stay on a BTC casino do not hesitate to contact support or VIP managers (usually at vip@casinoURL) before you make your next deposit. Especially if you have already worked your way through the welcome bonuses. If you can prove that you mean business (easy since you can just point to your BTC addy), casinos are surprisingly willing to offer all kinds of perks.

Separate high roller bonuses are also common, with progressively better match percentages the bigger your BTC deposit is. We, of course, list all options in our reviews and bonus lists.

Big spenders will also have a much easier time on any bitcoin casino with a loyalty system, especially of the gamified kind where deep pockets translate to faster progression and bigger rewards.

Crypto Casino Bonus: BTC

  • First deposit

    100% up to 5 BTC

    • 117x
      Wagering Req.
    • 0.001 BTC
      Min. deposit

    To maximize: 5 BTC. Playthrough bonus. Every 150 Points release 0.001 BTC. (stake x 0.008) x (100-RTP) = 1 Point. Listed wagering req. is based on playing slots with RTP = 96% BTC at 40k USDT

    Playthrough bonus, released every 150 Points. 1 Point = (stake x 0.008) x (100-RTP).

  • First deposit

    150% up to 2 BTC

    • 35x
      Wagering Req.
    • 0.0005 BTC
      Min. deposit

    To maximize: 1.33333333 BTC.

    Welcome bonus can be claimed with all supported cryptocurrencies (at current exchange rate).

  • First deposit

    110% up to 1.5 BTC

    + 250 free spins

    • 30x
      Wagering Req.
    • 30x
      FS Wager Req.
    • 0.005 BTC
      Min. deposit

    To maximize: 1.36363636 BTC.

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