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Top Crypto Casinos

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What an Online Crypto Casino is

First things first. A crypto casino is somewhere online where you can play casino games with cryptocurrencies. It can be a dedicated crypto casino site or a section on a crypto gambling site, usually alongside a betting section.

A casino game can, in turn, be loosely defined as any game of chance where you can win money – or in our case, crypto. Some examples of these games of chance are online slots and table games (roulette, blackjack, baccarat, etc.). More information on our page about crypto casino games.

Starting there, we can make further distinctions. From the online casinos that accept different cryptocurrencies but convert them to fiat (or a stablecoin) when they land in your account, all the way to the full-fledged decentralized crypto casino that you interact with directly on-chain, using a wallet of your choice. In between, we find hybrids that use some elements from both.

The trade-off is that the less decentralized crypto casinos often have game catalogues that far exceed the decentralized on-chain alternatives, both qualitatively and quantitatively. They are simply good old-fashioned online casinos that accept crypto payments. They have been around and refined for over 20 years, and this shows.

The purist looking for a completely decentralized crypto casino will quickly realise that game selection is very limited. Forget glitzy slots and winning multipliers in the thousands. This does not mean that decentralized crypto casino games are unplayable - far from it, and the decentralized aspects of them are fascinating. That being said, the best crypto casinos are hybrids, offering the best of both worlds.

...and what it is not.

  • Playing casino games with crypto is not a reliable way to make money, it is a form of entertainment with the potential to win money.
  • You can not gamble anonymously at crypto casinos, although you can come close, with fully decentralized solutions.
  • Underage persons are not allowed to gamble at crypto casinos, even though it is hard rule to enforce at fully decentralized casinos.
  • Crypto casinos are not legal in jurisdictions where online gambling is prohibited. Local laws apply. It is up to you to know your local gambling regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions about Crypto Casinos Online

What is a crypto casino?

Are crypto casino sites legal?

What are the most popular cryptocurrencies at online casinos?

What are the benefits of playing at crypto casino sites?

What are the drawbacks of playing at crypto casino sites?

Which is the best crypto casino 2024?

Are crypto casinos regulated by any governing bodies or authorities?

How do odds and payouts compare between traditional online casinos and crypto casinos?

New casinos

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Enjoy Crypto Casinos Responsibly

For most people, it is hard to keep track of cryptocurrency denominations compared to fiat. We have a frame of reference of what fiat amounts can get us in the store, for rent payments, and other monthly expenses. With cryptocurrencies this conversion and connection is not as strong, if it even exists. Crypto can feel like play money, which adds a layer of risk to the already inherently risky business of gambling.

Here are some tips to keep track of your crypto and time:

  1. Many crypto casino sites make it possible to display your account in approximate fiat value. Use it and pay attention.
  2. Do not shy away from games that are denominated in fiat. They are often easier to stay on top of, in terms of appropriate bet levels.
  3. If the crypto casino site offers tools to limit play time and deposits, activate it. They will serve as a good reminder in case you lose track of time and expenses (which is easier than you think).

For more tips, visit our page on responsible gambling.

Secure and Safe Crypto Casinos

Basic crypto safety rules mention the basics, such as to never tell anyone your seed phrase or click suspicious links. This section is about more than that, specifically about account safety on crypto casino sites.

With decentralized technology and crypto it is extra important to take safety seriously. On traditional online casinos, you can rarely withdraw money to an account that is not under your own name, so even if your account becomes compromised it is hard for the intruder to get away with your funds.

With crypto casinos it is a different story. If you lose access to your account, the thief/hacker can easily drain your account by withdrawing to their address. So how do we stay safe at crypto casinos?

  1. Do not reuse passwords at other sites.
  2. Most casinos offer 2FA to secure your account. Use it!
  3. Do not keep large sums with the casino, as you would not keep your life savings with an exchange.

Benefits of gambling at Crypto Casinos

There are several reasons why gambling with crypto is better than traditional online gambling.

  • The main, and for many the most important aspect is that of being in full control (custody) of heir funds; No credit card payments that fail or bank transfers that are blocked or bounce.
  • Privacy is another good reason to play at a crypto casino. Even if blockchains are public, they still offer more anonymity than traditional casinos. Many crypto casinos are also lax in their KYC requirements, as long as you never touch their fiat deposit options and keep transactions below a couple thousand USDT equivalents.
  • Being able to verify the fairness of games. This is not true for all game types on crypto casinos, but these provably fair games are rarely available on traditional casino sites. We can choose to only play them if we suspect other games are rigged (even though they probably aren’t).
  • Another reason is speed compared to traditional online casinos. Forget waiting “2 to 5 bank days” for your withdrawal. At crypto casinos the only limitation is chain congestion.

New Bonuses

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How to evaluate and compare crypto casino sites

Anyone who is familiar with online casinos and has tested a few different crypto casino sites will have noticed that many look the same; the games come from the same manufacturers and are presented in a similar way, crypto payment and withdrawal methods are identical, and promotions are similar.

The reason there has been such uniformity is, if we may speculate a little, that everyone wants to be the crypto casino site that offers the most games and payment options in the most attractive and fastest environment. But with access to the same products, partners, and technology solutions, the end result is that everyone offers everything.

And when it comes to design, it's probably as simple as the layouts we see today, are near-optimal in terms of clarity, speed, and scalability. Then, of course, competing crypto casino sites look to each other for smart solutions.

What becomes most important in a competitive situation as just described is what the crypto casino highlights and what it dares to forgo, but above all, it is about the details that are hidden beneath the seemingly identical surface. As the saying goes, the devil is in the details, and these quickly add up in the long run. Fees. Load times. Slow search. Poor categorisation. Everything compounds over time.

The crypto casino basics

What we're looking for in particular, and what you should ask yourself if you want to learn how to easily identify good crypto casinos, is the following:

  1. Game selection: How many games are available, and who made them? You want games from reliable providers; Centralised casino game providers should have a license. Provably fair games should come from trusted sources (unless you are tech-savvy enough to audit the code yourself).
  2. Transparency: Is the crypto casino presenting game RTP in the lobby? You want to be able to tell what your odds are at a glance - not waste time loading up the game, and scroll through the rules.
  3. Categorisation: How much metadata is available for each game and is it searchable? You want to be able to find games that are similar to what you just played or know you like.

Many crypto casinos do a bad job on all three. That is why we have created a dedicated crypto casino games section here at

Tips to get the most out of our crypto casino guide

Players are different, we have different budgets, and we like different casino games; in other words, it's hard to say which crypto casino is The Best.

We give overall recommendations but have tried to build our casino guide so that our users (you!) can dive deep and filter on what you prefer and find the casino that is best for YOU. To make your life a little easier, here are some tips on how to best use our site. You can:

  • Sort all our crypto casino lists by release date and bonus grade.
  • Filter all our crypto casinos by specific providers, functions, and cryptocurrency support.
  • Explore all game reviews by a specific provider or all casinos offering games from a provider.

It's all connected. Don't be afraid to click around and allow yourself to get lost!

Actionable tip to get started with crypto casino

Need some inspiration selecting a crypto casino? Try one of the reputable veterans in the crypto gambling game.

Cloudbet started out 2013 and is in our eyes the first true crypto casino by modern standards. It has grown into a beast of a crypto gambling product and is well worth a try.

The real crypto casino revolution started back in 2014 with several big names surviving to this day. They have managed to adapt and weathered several bear markets by now and are still going strong.

2015 was not as busy as 2014 and the only brand that really stands out to this day is Bitsler.

The Old Guard - Crypto Casinos of 2014

+18 - Terms & conditions apply - Gamble responsibly

Casinos that accept cryptocurrency and network support

All crypto casinos found here at support deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrencies.

To make this crypto casino guide more useful we have had to make a choice in terms of terminology. Tokens and Networks (chains) are sometimes lumped together.

Take BNB for example. It is both the GAS token on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and a token on the Ethereum main net. When it is supported at a crypto casino it is also often accepted both as an Ethereum (ERC-20) token and on BSC (BEP-20).

The same goes for most EVM-compatible chains, Ether (ETH), Solana (SOL), etcetera. So, to not clog up the system we have opted to not create separate instances for each. Assume network/chain support but see the crypto casino review for full details and individual token support.

The fact that token swaps are cheap on most chains (except for Ethereum) it should not pose a problem to convert into a supported token if you are already on the network. See our payments guide for more info and links to reliable bridges between chains.

What to play at crypto casinos?

A crypto casino is broadly divided into two main categories: Casino and Live casino. The definitions are simple.

  • In the crypto casino, you will find games where the outcome is 100% computer generated. Slots is the most popular sub-category, followed by provably fair classics like crash games, mine sweepers, and over/under games.
  • In the live casino, you will find games where the outcome is produced by a human (to some extent). By drawing a card (as in blackjack), spinning a wheel (as in roulette), or rolling dice (as in Sic bo).

What you decide to play is more important than anything else. Unless you are playing provably fair games, it is vital for your gambling life that you play games from reputable providers, especially in the slots category. Many lesser known studios have very low payouts and questionable mechanics, so stick to the big names. There will still be thousands of slots to pick from.

We do not say that you should avoid everything unheard of. There are plenty of gems out there waiting to be discovered. Fortunately, there are some good crypto casino features that can help us make smarter choices. See the box below/to the right.

3 rules of thumb when exploring new casino games

  1. Always double check RTP, even on known titles (crypto casinos can use a lower RTP setting)
  2. Never play games that does not state the RTP value anywhere
  3. Never play games with a RTP value below 94%

The best crypto casinos know how to add value

With similar games available at many competing crypto casino sites, the defining factor will be how well the platform handles rewards and bonuses. Blockchain technology is perfect for this purpose and the best crypto casinos will take advantage of this, although many still unfortunately opt for some semi-centralized design.

Let us first bring you up to speed on what is available at crypto casinos in terms of rewards. We will skip crypto casino welcome bonuses and focus on built-in features rather than one-time promotions. Here we go!

Most added value is an extension of a classic loyalty system. Usually based on turnover and using levels and a points system. By reaching a certain VIP level players will unlock extras or get rewarded in a different way. Execution varies widely and there are better and worse ways to do this.

Player Points at crypto casino sites

  • At what rate are these generated?
  • Can you generate them in other ways than just playing? (Gamification)
  • Are they tokenized on-chain and in our control?
  • What kind of utility do they have?
  • Can you exchange them for crypto?

Additional crypto casino extras

  • Free to enter raffles or spins on bonus wheels.
  • Standing or recurring deposit offers.
  • Referral system.
  • Game tournaments.
  • Cashback on losses.
  • A share of house profits (rakeback).
  • Interest bearing vaults.
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