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A Bitcoin casino bonus is a great way to kickstart your gambling adventure. Find a BTC casino bonus that suits your bankroll and style of play. Use the navigation links below to learn more about Bitcoin bonuses.

BTC Casino Bonuses

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What a Bitcoin Casino Bonus is

First, let us define a bitcoin casino bonus. It can refer to two things;

  • A casino bonus (reward) that is triggered by a BTC deposit, and/or
  • a casino bonus that is paid out in BTC.

In most cases bitcoin casino bonuses fulfills both, and to keep it simple that is also what you find in our list above. Deposit bitcoin and get extra BTC.

We have never seen a crypto casino bonus that require some crypto other than bitcoin to trigger and then pays out a BTC bonus, but we have seen the opposite: where the casino requires a BTC deposit but pays out the bonus in its own stable coin. In the latter case we will file the bonus under the rewarded chain or token, a majority of these will end up in our list of USDT casino bonuses.

If we will ever find a no deposit bitcoin bonus, it will also be booked in this section, but we have yet to discover one.

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The Bull Case for BTC Casino Bonuses

  1. The obvious selling point of BTC casino bonuses is their sheer size. Very rarely do casinos match the bonus amount on offer for BTC in other cryptocurrencies. This is of course not good for all of us, since most of us are unwilling and unable to part with a full coin. But if you have a big gambling budget, bitcoin bonuses are what you should be in the market for.
  2. Even if there are high limits to many first-time bitcoin deposit bonuses, as mentioned above, their minimum requirements are usually not that bad. Sorting our bonuses above on “Min. Deposit” we see several options with a minimum requirement of 0.0001 BTC (3 USDT if bitcoin is at 30k). This makes them very flexible and can cater to basically every type of player and budget.
  3. Comparing bitcoin (and crypto casino bonuses in general) to fiat bonuses another fact stands out: Wagering requirements are rarely applied to our deposit and the received bonus BTC. To tie it to the deposited amount is common practice in the fiat world, but crypto casinos has taken a fairer and more transparent route. It is still worth paying attention as there are outliers, but in general this is the case.

The Bear Case for BTC Casino Bonuses

  1. As for all casino bonuses the main drawback is that they in most formats will lock up our funds (both deposit and bonus amount) until the wagering requirement is met. It will be extra painful if we see the price dump and must sit pretty. On the other hand, you will not paperhand your hard-earned bitcoin. But in general, these lockup rules are never good.
  2. All wagering requirements that come attached to BTC casino bonuses come with a long list of games that are exempt from play. Often these games are fan favourites and can seriously dampen the fun. A good bitcoin casino will have created a game collection with games that are allowed, rather than having us guess or check the terms and conditions manually. Tips: these games are on a list for a reason, so check them out once your bonus is cleared.
  3. With an active bitcoin casino bonus, we will not only be restricted in what types of games we can play, but also how much we are allowed to wager. Many crypto casinos will cap wagers (that count towards the wagering requirement) at 5 USDT equivalent. Although a reasonably high level when playing slots, it still does not work very well if we have maxed out a 1 BTC bonus.

How bitcoin casino bonuses work

You make a minimum required BTC deposit, which is normally at least .001 BTC, and the crypto casino will match that to some degree. This degree is normally expressed in terms of a percentage; 100% meaning you will get an equal amount, 200% that you will get 2 BTC for every 1 deposited, and so on.

There is also an upper limit to how much the crypto casino is willing to give away. With even the best BTC casinos unwilling to part with more than a full bitcoin. There are exceptions but beware that the bigger the bitcoin casino bonus the harder it usually is to turn it into an actual BTC that you can withdraw. Which leads us to what is called a “wagering requirement”.

A wagering requirement is attached to almost every single crypto casino welcome bonus. It is a rule that protects the casino from players coming in claiming the bonus and then leaving. Naturally no sane business will give away free money, and make no mistake, bitcoin casinos are no exception.

The wagering requirement is expressed in times (x) the received bonus bitcoin. 35x is industry standard. Let us demonstrate how it works with an example.

Example of BTC wagering requirement

In our BTC bonus list above you find a bonus described as 150% up to 1 BTC and decide to make a 0.1 BTC deposit. You will now have 0.25 BTC. 0.1 from your deposit and 150% of 0.1, (1.5*0.1) added by the crypto casino.

The wagering requirement is usually applied to the recieved bonus amount (but beware of bonuses that also attach it to your deposit). With a wagering requirement of 40x we need to wager 6 BTC ( 40*0.15 = 6) to fulfil the wagering requirement (be able to withdraw it to our wallet)

Is it even possible to clear a bitcoin bonus?

We load up an online slot with 96% RTP (Return To Player) and start playing. After wagering our initial 0.25 BTC we should in theory have 0.24 left (0.25*0.96). After wagering that 0.24 BTC we should have 0.2304 (0.24*0.96), and so on.

Account balance Total BTC wagered
0.25000000 0.25000000
0.24 0.49000000
0.2304 0.72040000
0.221184 0.94158400
0.21233664 1.15392064
... ...
0.011234499 5.98037202
0.010785119 5.99115714
0.010353715 6.00151085

As we can see, when we hit a total of 6 BTC wagered we should have 0.0103... BTC left in our wallet. So, what is the point? We ran our account down from 0.25 to 0.01 for what?

We are gambling and that is still the case when we are playing with a bonus. RTP is a theoretical measurement, and we need to get lucky and hit a win somewhere along the road that pushes us above the fold. With the bonus we have gotten 150% more opportunities to do so.

Many times you will not clear the wagering requirement, but when you do it will hopefully make up for the times you didn't.

Sticky and No-sticky btc bonuses

At almost every crypto casino your bonus funds and deposits will be treated separately, and you will use your own money first. At any time you can withdraw your own funds and forfeit the bonus BTC on your account. This it called a "No-sticky bonus". Once the wagering requirement is fulfilled you will have full access to your bonus bitcoin. A detail to look out for in the terms and conditions for No-Sticky bitcoin bonuses is if wagering begins first when we start playing with the bonus - this makes it much harder to clear.

A "Sticky bonus" would instead not differentiate between bonus BTC and your deposited bitcoin. You would have 0.25 BTC to play for but you would not be able to make a withdrawal before you fulfill the wagering requirement (or you run your account to zero). The bonus and your deposit is stuck on the account.

Identifying and choosing the best BTC casino bonus

There are several points of interest when it comes to evaluating the quality of a bitcoin casino bonus. We have already discussed the four main components and these are essential to quickly gauge how good a bitcoin casino bonus is:

  • Minimum required deposit: Lower is better, but as long as you qualify it does not matter.
  • Matching percentage: Bigger is better, always.
  • Maximum value: Bigger is better, but how big does not matter unless your budget is even bigger.
  • Wagering requirement: Lower is always better.

You can sort all bonus lists here at on exactly these four criteria. Coincidence? I think not!

But to find the best bitcoin casino bonus you need to take your budget into consideration.

If you have a big gambling budget... (>0.5 BTC)

Wholecoiners (and even halfcoiners, if that is a thing) should focus on the maximum cap, but also consider if the bitcoin welcome bonus extends beyond the first deposit. For practical purposes the BTC bonus list above only includes the first deposit offer, as it makes most sense to compare those. If the bonus is part of a package, we will indicate that in the small print just below the main bonus information. Take that into account when making your selection.

If you are dealing with a package, consider splitting up your deposits. If your budget is 2 BTC and you can get 100% matched up to 1 BTC on your first deposit and 50% matched up to 1 BTC on your second deposit. It makes no sense to deposit 2 BTC on your first deposit. Deposit 1 and save the other for later.

If you have a medium gambling budget... (0.10 to 0.5 BTC)

For a gambling budget of this size, you will rarely hit the maximum cap when we are talking 100% match bonuses. But with many BTC bonuses on offer maxing out at a full coin it is easy to get tempted to overspend. It feels like we are wasting the bonus by not being able to take full advantage. Careful.

If your budget is 0.15 BTC it is still OK to use a bonus that is capped at 1 BTC. You do not lose 0.85 BTC by not maxing out a bonus. The high limit is there to cater to all types of players, but it also acts as a psychological trigger that makes us feel that we are missing out. Don’t fall into this trap! Always stick to your budget. There are plenty of bitcoin casinon bonuses in the world and one less is no big deal.

With this budget there is a lot of flexibility and not much to take into consideration besides the above. In other words, the values can be taken at face value: look mainly for low wagering requirements.

If you have a smaller gambling budget... (<0.10 BTC)

Most of us will fall into this category, and for us the choice is easier. Higher match percentages will always be better. We want leverage on our smaller amount. And even a higher wagering requirement is an acceptable price for this. Unfortunately a lot of BTC bonuses with high match percentages are tier based, with high minimum deposit requirements, making them out of reach on our budget.

But we do have one advantage over the two above categories: For us, free spins are attractive and should not be frowned upon. Big spenders do not care about a 0.000005 BTC free spin, but we certainly should.

BTC Bonuses: High Leverage

  • First deposit

    200% up to 1 BTC

    + 50 free spins

    • 60x
      Wagering Req.
    • 35x
      FS Wager Req.
    • 0.0005 BTC
      Min. deposit

    To maximize: 0.5 BTC.

  • First deposit

    150% up to 2 BTC

    • 35x
      Wagering Req.
    • 0.0005 BTC
      Min. deposit

    To maximize: 1.33333333 BTC.

    Welcome bonus can be claimed with all supported cryptocurrencies (at current exchange rate).

  • First deposit

    150% up to 0.22 BTC

    • 40x
      Wagering Req.
    • 0.022 BTC
      Min. deposit

    To maximize: 0.14666666 BTC. HIGHROLLER BTC OPTION

    Two bonus options, 100% + 150 FS or Highroller bonus 150% - see review for all currency equivalents

No Deposit Bitcoin Casino Bonus

When talking no deposit bonuses most are referring to a bonus given on signup to a crypto casino, and as the name implies: without the need to make a deposit. We have never seen a no deposit bitcoin bonus in this context.

Signup bonuses like these are almost 100% credited as free spins, but the free rounds and winnings can be denominated in BTC. Just make sure to set your active currency to BTC when claiming.

Speaking about no deposit bonuses more broadly, as in a bonus given by anything other than making a deposit, there are plenty of ways get BTC bonuses. Cashback and rakeback bonuses are good examples. On the other hand, it can be argued that these should not qualify as no deposit BTC bonuses, since we must have bitcoin at the casino to get them, and that BTC will not magically appear on one’s account.

To summarize: no deposit BTC casino bonuses exist, but they will likely:

  1. be in the form of free spins winnings or
  2. require a deposit at some point even if it not is required to activate the bitcoin bonus.

No Deposit Bonuses

  • Sign-up

    100 free spins

    • 0x
      FS Wager Req.
    • 0 USDT
      Min. deposit

    Verify your account. A deposit >= winnings is required to unlock winnings, which are wager free.

  • Sign-up

    100 free spins

    • 20x
      FS Wager Req.
    • 0 USDT
      Min. deposit

    Spin value: 0.40 USDT. Max win 100 USDT.

    Bonus can be claimed with any supported cryptocurrency up to an equal value.

  • Sign-up

    30 free spins

    • 1x
      FS Wager Req.
    • 0 USDT
      Min. deposit

    Spin value: 0.10 USDT. Complete your profile (verify email and set up 2FA). Free spins in The Dog House Megaways

Bitcoin Casino Free Spins

Many BTC bonuses come with free spins added on top. But as bitcoin bonuses in general are big and valuable, the free spins part quickly loses value in comparison. 200 free spins typically mean spins worth 20 USDT. So, even a deposit of 0.1 BTC will make those free spins pale, and to be fair kind of uninteresting.

This is rather telling of free spins bonuses in general: They are not targeting experienced players. Free spins are mainly a way to attract new gamblers. This does not mean that they are worthless, but do not get blinded by a lot of free spins. For bitcoin bonuses the BTC part is what is important.

There is another drawback with bitcoin free spins, they are tied to specific games while a bitcoin bonus that give you more BTC can be used in way more titles and wager levels (although still limited to some extent due to wagering requirements).

Bitcoin Free Spins

  • First deposit

    100% up to 0.012 BTC

    + 1600 free spins

    • 50x
      Wagering Req.
    • 50x
      FS Wager Req.
    • 0.0005 BTC
      Min. deposit

    To maximize: 0.012 BTC. After your first deposit, claim 50 Free Spins for 30 days (=1,500) with promo code DAILYFS

  • First deposit

    110% up to 1.5 BTC

    + 250 free spins

    • 30x
      Wagering Req.
    • 30x
      FS Wager Req.
    • 0.005 BTC
      Min. deposit

    To maximize: 1.36363636 BTC.

  • First deposit

    100% up to 1 BTC

    + 200 free spins

    • 50x
      Wagering Req.
    • 50x
      FS Wager Req.
    • 0.001 BTC
      Min. deposit

    To maximize: 1 BTC.

Tips to clear bitcoin casino bonuses

Clearing a BTC casino bonus is by no means an easy task. As demonstrated above the wagering requirement is structured in a way that we are statistically unlikely to even break even. In the end it will all come down to luck. There are two approaches to clearing a bitcoin casino bonus, none will work without hitting at least a couple of decent wins:

  • The Grind: Find a low volatility slot, set the wager as low as possible (but always max win lines if adjustable) and prepare for a long night. The main idea here is to get as many rounds in, as cheaply as possibly, and by maximising rounds we turn over a big amount and don’t have to hit a too unlikely prize to make it in the end.
  • The Gamble: Find a high volatility slot with a big max win. Crank up the wager to the biggest allowed with an active bonus (usually 0.00015 BTC or 5 USDT equivalent). Spin away! The main idea for this strategy is to simply leave it all to chance and hope for a big enough win to secure an amount equal or bigger to the total wagering requirement. If we hit one of those, turn down the wager slightly – don’t go all the way down though as this might raise bonus abuse flags in the system.

The best strategy is to combine the two approaches; Start with The Gamble and finish with The Grind. Unfortunately, most crypto casinos will classify this pattern as "bonus abuse", a kind of catch-all term for anything that can hurt the casino’s bottom line. This means we are on to something! We can take the main principle but try to mask it by:

  1. Never go full max/min with bets (instead of 0.10 do 0.20-0.35, instead of 5 do 3.25-4.25
  2. Vary bet size in both the upper and lower regions
  3. Switch games often (find a couple low volatility titles and a couple high volatility ones) but don't change immediately after a big win

Good luck!

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