New Crypto Casino Sites 2024

Here we list the best new crypto casino sites of 2024. Use the navigation links below to learn more of what is required to make it into this list and explore some of the best new crypto casinos of recent years.

Best New Crypto Casinos

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New Crypto Casino Basics

This category here on CryptoGambling is one of the easiest to define: crypto casinos launched the current year. There will naturally be a small gap at the beginning of the year, before any new launches hit the market, so if you are visiting around this time you will be looking at a list of the best new crypto casinos from around six months back.

A quick word of advice

You are likely here for the main list of the latest and greatest in the world of brand-new crypto casino sites. But beware that by design it is hard to claim if a new crypto casino is really safe to play at - there simply is not enough data yet. A year or three of experience is very valuable and a critical period for any new casino product. For this reason, we will provide some Top-3 lists below of the best new casinos from recent years.

Do not chase the new for the sake of it being new, look for the best crypto casinos, regardless of when it was launched. There are many amazing crypto casino products launched over ten years ago that are still on the bleeding edge of technology.

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New Bonuses

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What we look for in new crypto casinos

Depositing money to a brand-new crypto casino is always risky. There is a non-zero chance that we will be unable to withdraw our crypto and that is of course something we want to avoid at all costs. Here at we will not rush the publication of new brands before we have established that the new crypto casino is safe to play at.

Every new casino is thoroughly vetted and tested with real crypto.

Besides the practical evaluation which includes a deposit, some real play, and a subsequent successful withdrawal, we look at the following:

  • License: Do they have a license? Although not a prerequisite in the land of new crypto casinos (especially if we are talking pure web3 casinos) it is a good indication of seriousness.
  • Platform: is the casino platform from a reputable provider? If so that is good sign we are dealing with a trusted party – as they will have gone through a vetting process before getting onboarded to the platform.
  • Game integrations: are the premium providers from the traditional online casino segment present in some form? If not, that is a sign that this operator may have bad intent – or at the least that we will be playing games with comparatively high house edge.

Best New Casinos 2022

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The Bull Case for Playing at New Crypto Casino Sites

Being late to market is not always a bad thing. There are plenty of lessons to be learned from competitors and the best new casinos, if done right, will have combined the best of products already proven to work.

  1. New crypto casinos need to stand out and therefore often do their best to attract new players with great sign-on bonuses and other competitive rewards systems.
  2. New crypto casinos need to cement a good reputation early on and will strive to offer top notch customer support and fast hassle-free deposits and withdrawals.
  3. New crypto casinos are not tied down by old legacy systems and are optimized for the current state of both the online casino and crypto market.

The Bear Case for Playing at New Crypto Casino Sites

Launching a new crypto casino is easy-peasy in the current year. There are plenty of competent turnkey-solutions available, but launching another SOFTSWISS clone will not translate to instant success. New crypto casinos can be good but many are not. For, but not limited to, the following reasons:

  1. Many new crypto casinos come in with a naive attitude thinking that driving players to their run-of-the-mill platform will be enough to succeed. Running a good crypto casino require lots of work, something not all are willing to put in.
  2. Many new crypto casinos focus too wide and try to please too many, and by doing so they spread themselves too thin and end up delivering a big but bad offering.
  3. Many new crypto casinos are launched for the wrong reasons: to funnel gambling addicts from one of their products to a new one (often after the player has tried to block their account at the first brand).

Best New Casinos 2021

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Tips to find the best new crypto casino

Our crypto casino database here at holds a lot of information and useful tags that can be used to filter the list above (left of the sorting options in the top list heading). Several tags can be selected to find a new crypto casino that fits all your preferences.

Innovative casino platform functions

With "platform functions" we are talking about features that are built into the new crypto casino site. For instance, a cashback system, gamification aspects and rewards, a marketplace where we can exchange player points/tokens for bonuses or other goodies. And more.

Game provider preferences

Many crypto gamblers have favourite casino games and game providers. Fans of Spribe, BGaming or Pragmatic, or all of them, can easily filter out the new casinos that features their go-to providers.

New betting and poker sites

Although we rarely evaluate a new crypto gambling site's sportsbook or poker product, we do file it in the database. If you want to make the occasional bet on sports or challenge other crypto gamblers in online poker, simply pick your poison under the "Gambling markets" category.

New crypto cryptocurrency specific casinos

Last but not least, cryptocurrency support. Arguably it is a complete dealbreaker if what you are bag-holding is not supported at that new crypto casino you are eyeing. Make sure before you sign-up by either ticking the corresponding boxes or reading more in our reviews.

Best New Casinos 2020

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