PowerUP Roulette

PowerUP Roulette


Play PowerUP Roulette with a crypto bonus

200% up to 10,000 USDT
Playthrough bonus, released in 10% increments. The bonus can be claimed with all supported cryptocurrencies.
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Overview of PowerUP Roulette

PowerUP Roulette takes the classic roulette we all know and love and adds some cool new twists to keep things fresh and fun. One more addition to pragmatic place large live casino game portfolio,PowerUP Roulette shakes things up, with bonus rounds, extra spins and multipliers across the board.

PowerUP Roulette was published in 2022, so it’s by no means a new game. Despite that, we feel that it remains the best roulette variant that Pragmatic Play ever created, topping even the subsequent release of Lucky 6 Roulette.

It uses the European Roulette rules with 37 numbers (single-zero format), so if you know how to play that it’s going to be easy to get how the game works. You can also check out our roulette guide for more information on how the game is played, what types of bets are available, potential payouts and betting strategies to better manage your bankroll.

In this review, we're going to dive into what makes PowerUP Roulette stand out. We'll check out its unique features, the fun power-ups, and whether it lives up to the hype. Whether you're a roulette pro or just love the thrill of the spin, we've got you covered, so let's get started and see if PowerUP Roulette is worth a try.

PowerUP Roulette

PowerUP Roulette

PowerUP Roulette Game Facts

Pragmatic Live released PowerUP Roulette in October 2022
  • Provider
    Pragmatic Live
  • Max win
    7 999x
  • Min bet
    0.10 USDT
  • Max bet
    5,000.00 USDT
  • Live Casino
    Live Casino
  • Table Game
    Table Game

Bonus at Lucky Block

200% up to 10,000 USDT
Playthrough bonus, released in 10% increments. The bonus can be claimed with all supported cryptocurrencies.

Frequently asked questions about PowerUP Roulette

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How to play PowerUP Roulette

PowerUP Roulette is pretty popular and it’s made by one of the biggest providers in the online gambling industry, which means you can find it in most crypto casinos. If the casino carries Pragmatic Play’s live casino games, then it carries PowerUP Roulette as well.

If you would like to find a new casino to try your luck at, check out our casino list. Just add “Pragmatic Live” in the advanced filtering options and you’ll have a list of the best casinos to play PowerUP Roulette at in no time.

If you’re familiar with the basic user interface of online roulette games, then opening the game will open up a familiar sight. You’ll have the betting table in the bottom center, the racetrack on the bottom left and an expandable menu on the right where you can view stats of the previous rounds, the Special Bets menu, and the Favorite Bets menu.

Aquamarine and gold colorations dominate the set and give it an air of luxury, and the host is happy to interact with the players through the chat functionality at the top right.

PowerUP Roulette - Multipliers Revealed

Multipliers revealed in bonus spin round

A game round in PowerUP Roulette looks like this:

  1. The bets are placed and the host spins the ball.

  2. While the ball spins, 3, 4 or 5 PowerUP lucky numbers are selected and displayed on the right hand side of the grid.

  3. The Roulette table layout is split into sections. Each numberis assigned hidden multipliers that will be revealed in the event of a PowerUP Bonus spin. The bars at the top of each section hint at the multiplier size - the more bars you have, the higher the multipliers in that section will be!

  4. The ball stops spinning and the winning number is determined. The winners are announced and payouts are made based on the payout table, regardless of whether the winning number is one of the PowerUP numbers.

  5. If the winning number IS one of the PowerUP numbers, then the PowerUP bonus spin is activated. This is true for all players, no matter if you won or lost in the last spin. No new bets are made for this spin - your last bet is kept for the bonus spin.

  6. Each number’s multipliers are revealed and the host spins the ball for the bonus spin. New PowerUP numbers are determined for the bonus round, allowing for a potential retrigger.

  7. The ball stops spinning. If it lands on one of the new PowerUP numbers, then the feature is retriggered and the multipliers are increased. Payouts are done once again and a new spin begins.

The bonus spin can be retriggered up to four times, increasing the multipliers each time up to x8000 your bet amount.

One of the best things about PowerUP Roulette is the fact that the bonus round is open for everyone. This means that your bet gets a second chance at winning, and with multipliers to boot.

Crypto Casinos with PowerUP Roulette

All crypto casino sites

Bet Types & Payouts in PowerUP Roulette

PowerUP Roulette has all of the bets that European Roulette features, with some additional options.

Inside & Outside bets in PowerUP Roulette

The regular inside and outside bets apply, with the following payouts:

Bet type Covers Payout
Straight up 1 Number 24-7999:1
Split 2 Numbers 17:1
Street 3 Numbers 11:1
Corner 4 Numbers 8:1
Six Line 6 Numbers 5:1
Column/Dozen 12 Numbers 2:1
Red/Black 18 Numbers 1:1
Even/Odd 18 Numbers 1:1
1-18/19-36 18 Numbers 1:1

The payout in PowerUP Roulette is the same as in European roulette for all bets except Straight up bets, since that’s where all the multiplier action happens. Where the regular European Roulette payout is 35:1, in PowerUP Roulette it’s only 24:1 without multipliers.

Other Bets in PowerUP Roulette

You can easily place Wheel sector bets with the racetrack feature located at the bottom left of the screen. This includes popular bets like 0 Game, Voisins du Zero, Tiers du Cylindre, and Orphelines. For something different, try Neighbor bets. The racetrack lets you bet on a specific number and its adjacents. You can adjust the range of numbers by using the - and + buttons at the bottom.

Special Bets in PowerUP Roulette

Classic Special Bets include Finales en Plein, Finales à Cheval, and Full Complete types of bets. You can read more about them in our roulette guide, with explanations on the numbers they encompass and how they work.

PowerUP Roulette also has the special category of Straight Up Bets. It’s the same functionality they have in Mega Roulette and Lucky 6 Roulette, where you can place numerous Straight-up bets with the click of one button. This is a really useful feature for players, since the Straight up bet is where all the action happens in all of these games.

The following options for Straight Up Bets are available:

  • Even Chances: Place straight-up bets on 18 different numbers, encompassing combinations such as Red/Black, Even/Odd, and High/Low.
  • Dozens: Place straight-up bets on all 12 numbers within a selected dozen.
  • Columns: Place straight-up bets on each of the 12 numbers in a chosen column.
  • All Numbers: Place straight-up bets on all 37 available numbers.

PowerUP Roulette - Bonus spin 3rd retrigger

Verdict on PowerUP Roulette

PowerUP Roulette is innovative and fresh, and even though it uses the ever-present multiplier functionality, it does so in a way that’s enjoyable and doesn’t feel overused or boring. Out of all of Pragmatic Play’s live roulette games, we found PowerUP Roulette to be the most exciting one.

It feels like a hybrid between a game show and a live roulette table, and even though it may seem like a weird combination at first glance, somehow it works wonderfully, resulting in a super engaging and enjoyable experience.

This game comes highly recommended, as we feel it has extremely high entertainment potential and is one of the best roulette games around at the moment.

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