Evolution Live Baccarat

Evolution Live Baccarat


Play Evolution Live Baccarat with a crypto bonus

Up to 360% matched on first 4 deposits
Bonus can be triggered by most cryptocurrencies. It is a playthrough bonus: For every 500 USDT wagered 1 BCD will unlock (wager free). BCD is BC.GAME's own stable coin (pegged to USDT).
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Evolution Live Baccarat Overview

Evolution Gaming, a leader in the live casino industry, offers an unparalleled Baccarat experience that caters to both novice and seasoned players alike. With a variety of game options, from the classic and elegant Live Baccarat to the high-octane Speed Baccarat, Evolution ensures that every player can find their perfect match.

With the use of a number of different innovative features, Evolution have managed to elevate Baccarat’s (gameplay to new heights, providing a virtual casino experience that mirrors - and sometimes even exceeds - the excitement and sophistication of a physical casino. With high-definition streaming, multiple camera angles and comprehensive in-game statistics, Evolution has become one of the best providers out there to offer Baccarat.

Here we’re going to look at how to play Evolution Baccarat, what different varieties they offer, and we’re also going to take a look at the potential payout for these games. Keep reading to find out more!

Evolution Live Baccarat

Evolution Live Baccarat

Evolution Live Baccarat Game Facts

Evolution released Evolution Live Baccarat in January 2015
  • Provider
  • Min bet
    1.00 USDT
  • Max bet
    10,000.00 USDT
  • Live Casino
    Live Casino
  • Table Game
    Table Game

Bonus at BC.GAME

Up to 360% matched on first 4 deposits
Bonus can be triggered by most cryptocurrencies. It is a playthrough bonus: For every 500 USDT wagered 1 BCD will unlock (wager free). BCD is BC.GAME's own stable coin (pegged to USDT).


Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Evolution's Gaming Baccarat

What is the house edge for Evolution’s live Baccarat?

Can I bet on both the Banker and the Player in Evolution’s Baccarat?

Can I play Evolution’s Baccarat on mobile devices?

Is there a live chat feature in Evolution’s Baccarat?

Is Evolution's Baccarat fair and trustworthy?

How to play Evolution Gaming’s Baccarat in crypto casinos

Baccarat has been a gambler favorite for centuries, owing mostly to its simplicity and excitement factor. These two elements make for a seriously entertaining combination, so it’s no surprise that people love the game. If you are new to Baccarat, take a look at our main Baccarat page, where you will find information about payouts, rules and betting strategies.

Evolution’s Baccarat is easy to access in crypto casinos. Below are some steps to help you get started:

  1. Choose a reputable crypto casino: Use our casino list to browse different options available to find a casino that's best for you. read our reviews for more information and to find the best welcome bonuses available around the internet.

  2. Create an account: Sign up for an account at the chosen crypto casino. You will need to provide some personal details and verify your email address. Licensed crypto casinos will typically ask you to go through a KYC process.

  3. Deposit cryptocurrency: Deposit the cryptocurrency of your choice into your casino account. Most crypto casinos accept popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and more. Each casino will have a different deposit process, so make sure you follow their instructions closely.

  4. Select Evolution's Baccarat: Find the live casino section and choose Evolution’s Baccarat from the list of available games. Click the game and you're ready to start playing! Despite the variation in game types, Evolution’s Baccarat games share a consistent screen layout, including these key components:

    • The dealer, conducting the game
    • The game table, displaying the cards
    • The betting panel, located at the bottom center of the screen, providing different betting options
    • The chips tray, where you can choose your betting amount
    • The Baccarat Roadmaps, positioned at the lower left and right corners, showcasing the latest results in various formats

Spend some time getting to know these components, particularly if it's your first time playing Evolution's Baccarat. Once you feel confident with the interface, you're all set to begin! Simply select your desired bet amount from the chip tray and then click on your chosen bet option - Player, Banker, or Tie.Now you’re ready to start playing!

  1. Place your bets: Once you join a Baccarat table, you can place your bets using your deposited cryptocurrency. You can bet on the Banker, Player, Tie, or any available side bets you may find.

  2. Play the game: Follow the dealer’s actions in the game's progress. Pay close attention to the information indicators popping up on the screen from time to time, showing which phase the game is in. This includes a countdown on placing bets and the winning hand. Also, keep an ear out for the dealer - they will also let you know verbally what is happening.

Main Bets and Side Bets on Evolution’s Baccarat

In Evolution's Baccarat, the Main Bets are the Player, Banker, and Tie, like is customary in traditional Baccarat. These are primarily bets where you predict the winner of the round - meaning, you predict which hand will score closer to 9.

Additionally, there are often Side bets available, which can vary depending on the specific version of Baccarat being played. Some common Side bets in classic Baccarat include:

  1. Player or Banker pair: Betting that the player or banker will have a pair
  2. Perfect pair: Betting that either the player or banker hand will have a perfect pair (same suit and number).
  3. Either pair: betting that either the player or banker hand will have any pair.
  4. Player or banker bonus bet: Betting that the respective hand will win with a minimum of 4 points margin, or a natural win (meaning an 8 or a 9 on the first two cards dealt).

The payout for each of these bets is as follows:

Bet Pays
Player 1:1
Banker 0.95:1
Tie 8:1
Player Pair 11:1
Banker Pair 11:1
Perfect Pair One hand 25:1
Both hands 200:1
Either Pair 5:1
Player Bonus/
Banker Bonus
Hand Combination Odds:
- Non-Natural hand wins by 9 points, 30:1
- Non-Natural hand wins by 8 points, 10:1
- Non-Natural hand wins by 7 points, 6:1
- Non-Natural hand wins by 5 points, 2:1
- Non-Natural hand wins by 4 points, 1:1
- Natural Win, 1:1
- Natural Tie, Push

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Bonus Feature: Red Envelope

The Red Envelope is a cool bonus that can randomly pop up on the Tie, Banker Pair or Player Pair bet spots, boosting your payout up to 88 times. You might see one, two, or even three Red Envelopes in a round, each with different payout boosts.

When a Red Envelope shows up, you'll see an animation on the bet spot. It will display a red envelope, as well as the new payout amount. If you bet on a spot with a red envelope and win, you will score the higher payout shown by the Red Envelope.

Baccarat Variations by Evolution

Evolution Gaming offers a comprehensive and immersive baccarat experience, with a ton of different options to try. Their extensive collection is bound to satisfy the most demanding of gamblers out there, so we highly suggest taking a look at their full offering and giving each of these variations a try.

The different spins on the old classic can be highly entertaining and they can seriously enhance your gaming experience. Here we’re going to take a look at the main Baccarat variations offered by Evolution.

Evolution Live Baccarat Lobby

Classic Baccarat

Classic Baccarat is offered in real-time tables with professional dealers, featuring multiple camera angles to provide you with an immersive playing experience. There are a number of Side bets to try out (listed above), guaranteeing a fun time in the simplicity of classic Baccarat.

Speed Baccarat

For players seeking maximum betting opportunities and excitement, Live Speed Baccarat is an excellent alternative to the standard Baccarat game and its different variants. While a standard Baccarat game round lasts around 48 seconds, Live Speed Baccarat takes things up a notch. Cards are dealt face up, results are announced quickly, and each game round is wrapped up in an exhilarating 27 seconds.

No Commission Baccarat

In No Commission Baccarat, you don't have to pay the usual 5% commission on Banker wins. The only exception is when the Banker scores a 6, where players receive half their original bet, at a rate of 0.5:1. To add extra excitement, there's the Super 6 insurance side bet. If you place this bet and the Banker scores a 6, you'll get a payout of 15:1.

Baccarat Squeeze

This is the ultimate multi-camera Live Baccarat experience for enthusiasts who enjoy the ritual of the squeeze. Over 15 cameras capture every subtle detail of the game, with a crucial squeeze performed by the dealer showcased in tantalizing close-ups.

Evolution Baccarat Squeeze

Evolution’s Baccarat Squeeze elevates online Baccarat to a new level, maintaining the action while delivering maximum suspense and authenticity. The dealer piles on the suspense by swiftly revealing the cards for the hand with the smaller total wager, and carefully squeezing the cards for the hand with the larger total wager.

Baccarat Control Squeeze

In this variant, players can control the squeeze themselves. Cards are dealt face down onto glass panel inlays within the custom designed table, where two cameras beneath the table instantly stream the live images of the card faces to the players’ screens.

They don’t see the result just yet though! The card faces are obscured with an overlay mask in the game's UI. Players can click or tap on any corner or edge of each card to peel back the overlay mask and reveal the card value. This offers a truly VIP gaming experience, putting the unique thrill of the squeeze directly in the players’ hands. This direct interaction makes the game as exciting as playing baccarat in a real casino.

New players can even practice the squeeze without placing a bet!

Peek Baccarat

While following the standard Baccarat rules, this game presents an exhilarating opportunity to 'peek' at one, two, three, or even four cards during gameplay. Should the revealed cards favor your hand, you have the option to increase your bet by doubling or tripling it! It’s important to note that Peek Baccarat incurs a 20% fee when betting on either the Player or Banker.

Baccarat Multiplay

Baccarat Multiplay represents Evolution Gaming's latest user-friendly interface tool, allowing players to conveniently place bets across all Live Baccarat tables simultaneously, eliminating the need to join each table individually.

You can create custom views to find the tables with the longest streak and you can also select which tables to include in your overview. Each Baccarat table is presented with a compact version of the betting grid, the player's selected road, and the option to view the video feed per table.

Golden Wealth Baccarat

Golden Wealth Baccarat offers an elegant VIP setting with an augmented-reality magical pot. Each round includes five Golden Cards, each with a 2x, 3x, 5x, or 8x multiplier. Players pay a 20% Golden card fee from their bets. If they win with matching Golden Cards, their winnings multiply accordingly. The magic extends to a First Person RNG-based version of the game.

Salon Privé Baccarat

Evolution’s Salon Privé offers an exclusive VIP live online gaming experience in a luxurious environment. High-stakes players, meeting minimum bankroll requirements, can enjoy premium live gaming with high maximum bets and enhanced control at private, single-player tables.

VIP services include a dedicated VIP Room Manager and player control over dealer selection, shuffling, and game speed with ‘Spin Now’ and ‘Deal Now’ buttons. There are four Salon Privé Live Baccarat tables, each with varying minimum bets.

Prosperity Tree Baccarat

Prosperity Tree Baccarat adds a unique twist to the classic game with a multiplier feature represented by a wealth-bearing tree.

Each round generates eight Prosperity Cards with 2x or 3x multipliers. Matching a dealt card with a Prosperity Card multiplies the hand's winnings. A 20% fee applies to the total bet.

Evolution Prosperity Tree Baccarat

This game variation is also available in a First Person RNG-based version for personalized gameplay, if you like to set your own pace and are not too concerned about the social aspect of the game.

Additional options

On top of all of these options, Evolution also offers Lightning Baccarat and XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat. These two variants are so unique that we feel they deserve their own individual reviews, so they are not included in this review.


No matter what variation you’re choosing, you can always expect a pretty good experience from Evolution. All variations feature a live chat so that players can interact not only with each other, but also with the dealer, adding a social dimension to the online gambling experience. Additionally, you can expect to see Baccarat Roadmaps - comprehensive statistics and game results are prominently displayed to help players identify trends and mate informed bets. The streaming quality is one of the best up there, and one of the best things is that all of these features and games are mobile compatible.

Based on the level of quality and variety, we highly recommend giving at least one of Evolution’s Baccarat games a try. If that doesn’t satisfy, there are tons of options for you to try until you land on the one that does it.

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