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  • Arbitrum
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Crypto Gambling at JustBet

JustBet is a decentralized online casino that offers verifiably fair games, staking rewards and a wide variety of bonuses linked to NFTs. A company called WINR Labs built the site on its proprietary WINR Protocol, which provides a fast and tamper-proof gaming experience for Web3 enthusiasts. The site is not to be confused with a basic online sportsbook of the same name, which targets US bettors.

There are two clear options at JustBet. You can play a range of entertaining games, which generally have a Return to Player (RTP) rate of 98%. It will provide you with cashback in the form of its native WINR token on each bet you place. You can then stake the token to earn passive income if you like. Alternatively, you can “become the house” by contributing to the liquidity pool and profiting when gamblers lose.

This is an unusual crypto casino, as it offers a fully decentralized option. It does not have a huge range of games or large bonuses like most rivals, but many players will appreciate the decentralized infrastructure and the liquidity and staking options. Read on to learn more about it.

JustBet Crypto Casino (2023)

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JustBet Overview

JustBet is a decentralized, open source crypto casino that offers a range of verifiably fair games. You can either play games such as slots, keno, dice, baccarat and crash, or you can "become the house" by providing liquidity and profiting when players lose. It offers a far smaller range of games than centralized crypto casinos, and it does not have as many eye-catching promos, but you can unlock lots of advantages by diving into JustBet.
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Bonus at JustBet

Use code CGC for

Getting Started at JustBet

It is easy to get started at this decentralized casino. Just click the “Claim bonus” link on this page to visit the site and redeem the promo. You can choose to set up one-click betting by linking it with a Twitter, Meta, Twitch, Discord, Line or Weibo account, or simply click the “SKIP FOR NOW” button.

At that point, you will be able to connect your wallet. There are lots of options, including MetaMask, Coinbase, TrustWallet and various others. Once you have connected your wallet, you can start playing games.

JustBet Payments

As mentioned above, there are two ways to play at JustBet:

Web3 Wallet

Use a Web3 injected wallet to keep a tight grip on your assets, approve transactions and directly interact with the blockchain. You keep hold of your private keys, and your funds will be protected. You need a browser wallet with Arbitrum support. MetaMask is the most popular option.

Bets can be placed in wETH, wBTC, and USDC. Connect your wallet and switch to Arbitrum to get started. Make sure you keep enough ETH in your wallet to cover gas fees. JustBet allows you to place multiple bets via a single transaction, and there are stop gain and stop loss options. You can speed up your gameplay and stay in control of your wins with these features.

Smart Accounts

Dive into JustBet by linking a social account, meaning there is no need to approve transactions and so on. If you choose a smart account, you can deposit by transferring funds from a centralized exchange or an existing Web3 wallet. Alternatively, there is a fiat on-ramp, which allows you to purchase crypto on the site via a credit card.

When it is time to withdraw our funds, simply navigate to the withdrawal section of your smart account. Specify the token you wish to withdraw, enter an amount and transfer the funds. It will be approved automatically, and you will receive the funds within minutes. Alternatively, you can connect a Web3 wallet and send the funds to it.

JustBet Smart Account - One-Click-Betting

Cashback and Yield at JustBet Casino

JustBet Casino is built on the WINR Protocol. Its native token is WINR. You can earn WINR via the site’s cashback program whenever you place a bet.

You will receive vWINR, which is a vested version of the token. You may decide to stake it, which will earn you passive income in real yield. Alternatively, you can convert it to WINR, which is tradable on certain exchanges.

JustBet Dashboard - winr

Become the House at JustBet Casino

You also have the option to add funds to the WINR Liquidity Protocol (WLP), which will place you on the house side of the bets placed on the site. Simply visit the “Earn” page and select a token you would like to add liquidity with. The options are USDC, wETH and wBTC - with WINR.

The WINR token is deployed on Arbitrum, on the address: 0xD77B108d4f6cefaa0Cae9506A934e825BEccA46E

  • There are three ways to earn rewards as a liquidity provider:
  • The price of WLP appreciates as the gamblers lose.
  • Liquidity providers are entitled to vWINR emissions.
  • WLP holders are distributed additional WLP collected through the fees.

However, there are risks involved. The value of WLP can decrease at times when gamblers win – particularly if a high roller secures a big win – while volatile assets like wETH and wBTC naturally fluctuate in value.

Additional Promos and Features at JustBet Casino

Alongside earning real yield via the WINR Protocol, there are a couple of other ways to earn rewards at JustBet Casino:


JustBet uses NFTs to provide players with promotions. You can buy these NFTs via the WINR token on your profile page, or you may be rewarded with them through competitions and by securing achievements. These are some of the promos and features:

  • Minting Booster | Provides extra vWINR minting multiplier to the address that holds it.
  • Scratchcard | Secure wWINR rewards via scratchcards.
  • Loot Boxes | Non-tradeable NFTs that reward you with an NFT once opened.
  • Badges | You receive badges upon completing achievements. They take the form of non-transferable NFTs that can only be minted once for the address that becomes eligible.
  • Streak Repair | These NFTs help you preserve the streak they missed, such as betting daily for every day for a month, boosting your chances of earning a badge.

Jackpots and Leaderboard Competitions

A portion of each bet placed at the site is added to the casino-wide progressive jackpot. It is then split into two equal portions:

  • Leaderboard Contests | JustBet hosts weekly competitions, designed to reward players that place the highest volume of wagers. Prizes are distributed on a descending scale.
  • Scratchcard | The other half of the jackpot is awarded to a lucky player via a random bet. It must be triggered within 100,000 bets, so the chances of landing the jackpot naturally increase as the counter approaches the 100,000th bet.

Casino Games at JustBet

There are just 15 games at JustBet. All of the games are Provably Fair, as they operate on the transparent WINR Protocol. It uses Supra VRF (Verifiably Random Function) technology to guarantee fairness and accuracy at all times. Cryptographic proof will be provided to verify that random numbers were generated and communicated with fidelity, and there is no way in which it could be tampered with.

These are the games you can play at JustBet:

  • Wheel of Fortune | The wheel features 49 pockets, with payouts ranging from 2x to 48x.
  • Plinko | A game in which you drop a ball down the game board with pegs and try to land it in one of several designated slots corresponding to different multipliers at the bottom.
  • Slots | A simple 3-reel slot with a 98% RTP rate.
  • Crash | A straightforward crash game which requires you to cash out before the multiplier stops.
  • Horse Racing | A virtual horse race in which you can bet on five horses.
  • Baccarat | A classic Punto Banco baccarat game.
  • Keno | A lottery-style game whereby you choose 1 to 10 numbers from a pool of numbers ranging from 1 to 40. The numbers are then drawn, and any potential winnings are determined by the number of matches you secure.
  • Video Poker | A classic video poker game in which you take on the house.
  • Range | Bet on the outcome of a randomly generated decimal number between 0 and 100.
  • Coin Flip | A simple game that pays 1.96 on heads or 1.96 on tails, resulting in a 98% RTP rate.
  • RPS | Bet on rock, paper, scissors, with a house edge of 2%.
  • Dice | Wager on the roll of the dice, with different multipliers available.
  • Limbo | Bet on the multiplier outcome of a wheel.
  • Mines | A classic arcade-style game in which you try to discover hidden treasures while avoiding dangerous explosions.

Mines at JustBet

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