1. Tumbling Reels
  2. Collect/Progress
  3. BIG Symbols

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Reactoonz Slot Game Overview

Reactoonz is described its creator Play'n GO as a parallel universe overloaded with excitement, fun and, of course, astronomical prizes. Here, animated aliens drop from the sky and fill the slot's seven columns and seven lines. String some wins together and unleash the quantum-meter’s powers!

The slot became one of the developer's top three in its 2017 launch year, and we believe much of this is due to the slot's value for money and the long list of bonus features. Game rounds can last for a long time and at the time cluster mechanics was not that common.

Reactoonz is a clear and relatively simple slot for slightly experienced players and above

There are few variables for you as a player to deal with, while the slot has a wealth of bonus features that make gameplay interesting and keep the momentum going. If we top this with a maximum win of around almost 5000x your bet, is a slot that you will return to time and time again. And so have Play’n GO. They have released several spinoffs (Dr Toonz, Gigantoonz) and the sequel Reactoonz 2.

Reactoonz is itself kind of a spinoff to an earlier release called Energoonz. That one feel dated today and not worth revisiting.



Reactoonz Game Facts

Play'n GO released Reactoonz in October 2017
  • Provider
    Play'n GO
  • Win Mechanic
  • Reel setup
  • Max win
    4 570x
  • Min bet
    0.20 USDT
  • Max bet
    100.00 USDT
  • Space
  1. Tumbling Reels
  2. Collect/Progress
  3. BIG Symbols
  4. Symbol Expansion

Bonus at Winz Casino

10% Live Cashback up to 1 BTC or a Spin on the Wheel of Winz
10% live casino cashback (code: LIVE) or one Spin on the *Wheel of Wins* with a chance for 5,000 USDT (code: WOW). All supported cryptocurrencies qualify, too many to list individually.

How to Play Reactoonz Online Slot

Reactoonz allows you to play with bets from 0.20 USDT up to 100 which are selected via a self-explanatory panel in the middle of the slot. Other buttons include:

  • A start button that starts a "normal" round as well as
  • Quick Play which speeds up each symbol drop

Autoplay where you can choose from 10 to 100 spins with additional options such as:

  • stopping the autoplay on a win
  • stopping on a win of a certain size
  • if your balance increases by a certain amount and
  • if you lose a certain amount.

In addition to the variables of the game itself, you can turn sound on and off, you will find a small FAQ as well as an overview of your game history in the current game session.

Reactoonz RTP and Maxwin

The game's RTP (or return to player percentage) of a whopping 96.51% is good and implies that we can expect 96.51 USDT remaining for every hundred wagered. As with high volatility it will take more game rounds for this to be realised.

Reactoonz maximum winnings are 4,570 times your stake, but the high volatility means that big wins are far inbetween which makes it important to play for a sum you can stand for a somewhat long time.

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Reactoonz theme and symbols

When you play Reactoonz you are drawn into a parallel universe where aliens rule. Around the slot's reels we find on the left an energy meter and on the right a quantum meter that charges up bonuses and shows you which features Gargantoon will use to help you get the best wins.

The slot's soundtrack takes us straight back in time with up beat synthesizer sounds, classic slot machine sounds and pleasant sounds from the various aliens.

The game's icons or symbols are small and cute aliens with one and two eyes that reward you when you get from five to more than 15 symbols on the reels at the same time. This can reward you with anything from 0.16 coins up to 1200 coins.

How to Win at Reactoonz?

Reactoonz makes use of the manufacturer's cluster pays feature which allows you to win when the symbols are linked at one of the sides and above and below unlike regular slots where the icons have to come in a row, from left to right. On Reactoonz, there is a minimum requirement of five adjacent symbols in a cluster for a win and the more symbols that cluster together, the bigger your win will be.

In addition to the "cluster" feature and the famous falling symbols, Reactoonz transfers energy to the needy Gargantoon who waits while he plans an invasion. Once he has secured enough energy he jumps into the game, completing wilds and triggering a number of fantastic features with solid prizes.

But there's more. At the top right of the game we find a “quantum meter” and collector. There you can see what bonus features are lined up to help you on your way.

Gigantoonz, Fluctuation & Gargantoon

During each spin, a randomly selected one-eyed symbol is marked as the fluctuating symbol in Reactoonz. Should any of these symbols be part of a winning combination, they leave two wild symbols behind when the win is paid out. You can also create Gigantoonz, which happens automatically when 4 identical symbols come together to form a square. Specifically, Gigantoonz are large symbols that cover 2x2 positions on the grid and wins from the combination that includes Giantoonz will pay double.

The Gargantoon, in turn, can help you by randomly dropping jokers on the screen. This feature is called Instability, and on every spin where you don't get a win, there is a chance that the Gargatoon will drop 4-8 wild symbols that land on the grid.

Even the Gargantoon himself can appear as a colossal wild symbol, covering 3x3 positions on the screen. This happens when the quantum queue is filled a fifth time, which you can read more about in the paragraph just below. With each symbol drop, the Gargantoon moves and splits. After the first drop, it turns into a 2x2 wild symbol and then into 9 individual wild symbols.

Special Features: Quantum Functions

Above the Gargantoon on the right side of the screen, there is a meter where the special effects in Reactoonz charge in five steps. This meter is called the Quantum Leap and after landing 25 symbol wins in a round, a random Quantum Feature will be added to the queue, and you can have a maximum of 4 Quantum Features in the queue.

If you manage to land another 25 symbol win to reach the 5th and final part of the meter, the Gargantoon Feature will be added (see Instability above). When there are no more wins, the features you have in the queue are activated and when they are done and there are no more winning combinations on the grid, the next spin starts.

There are also four more special features in addition to the Gargantoon feature:

  • The first of these features is called Incision. When this feature is activated, a wild symbol splits in the middle and sends out two lines diagonally across the grid. These lines transform the symbols it crosses into a randomly selected symbol.
  • The next special feature is called Demolition, and it destroys all the one-eyed symbols on the grid and all matching symbols so that new symbols can fall down and create wins.
  • The Implosion feature turns 3-6 symbols on the grid into jokers and also destroys the adjacent symbols.
  • The last special feature is called Alteration. When this feature is triggered, one of the one-eyed Reactoonz symbols is randomly selected and all matching symbols are transformed into another symbol.

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